The Results Are In

AVOIDAL Concept Art IllustrationThe results for Ludum Dare 18 were posted last night and I’m excited to report that my latest Flash game AVOIDAL was in the top 20!

AVOIDAL placed 14th out of the 172 game entries submitted to the the competition.

Ludum Dare is a solo game making event where participants have 48 hours to create an entire game with all content from scratch after the theme is announced. This time the theme was “Enemies As Weapons.”

I wrote up a detailed post mortem about my experience creating AVOIDAL and created a timelapse video of the entire process.

This was my most successful Ludum Dare yet and I am happy to continue to meet my goals when I participate as I try to raise my personal bar for success with each event I enter. I wanted to get a top 10% finish again and I was able to get top 8% so my goal was met.

I’ve been able to predict pretty well how my games will place each time which I think is a good exercise in trying to be self-aware about your game and the potential audience for it. This can matter when you are trying to make a Flash game that you want to stand a chance of being enjoyed by millions of players rather than thousands.

I can see a definite trend with the games I have entered over the years in Ludum Dare. This is my fourth game submitted to the regular competition and I feel it is my best so far:

  • Ludum Dare 11 – Minimalist – 2008: MinMo 32nd overall out of 71 entries (top 45%)
  • Ludum Dare 14 – Advancing Wall of Doom – 2009: Fleedom Flies 19th overall out of 123 entries (top 16%)
  • Ludum Dare 15 – Caverns – 2009: Angry Caverns tied 10th overall out of 144 entries (top 9%)
  • Ludum Dare 18 – Enemies as Weapons – 2010: AVOIDAL 14th overall out of 172 entries (top 8%)

I believe this not only shows how participating in regular game development competitions can help you create better games but also that it can teach you how to work better within constraints so that you can make better games outside of competitions too.

I am really happy with the way AVOIDAL has come out and I look forward to it finding a sponsor before I release it globally. I have a good feeling that it could be my most popular game yet.

I have the new polished up post-competition version over for bidding on Flash Game License and it is already receiving good bidding interest of which I am most thankful.

I have been playing this game quite often as I worked to improve it after the competition and it has been in my subconsious a good bit.  On Saturday I spent about 3 hours creating a concept art illustration based on the game.  I decided to have fun creating it in a very different style than the one I used in AVOIDAL. I also recorded a complete timelapse of creating the illustration since I’ve had a lot of people contacting me lately that were quite curious about my drawing process and tools.

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