Angry Caverns – My Entry for Ludum Dare 15

This past weekend I participated again in the 48hour ‘from scratch’ game development competition known as Ludum Dare. It was the 15th such event run since early 2000. This time around the theme that won the voting rounds was Caverns.  I created a Flash game for the competition called Angry Caverns which you can play here in your browser.


My idea on the theme was that you play as the cavern.  You have to use your natural defenses like stalactites and steam vents to eliminate the creatures that have come to call you home.  In this version you are mainly facing off against bats and cavemen though in an expansion I hope to add in many time periods of history of various cavern dwellers and users.

Level 5 action shot

Here is a scene from level 5.  There are currently only 5 levels in the game.  You have limited amount of time on each level to try and destroy as many creatures as you can.  There is a nice combo system and random bonus creatures that will help you go for some big points.  There is also a completion bonus with extra rewards for perfect completion.  To encourage some friendly competition I tied in MochiMedia’s excellent global leaderboard system and even wrote up a simple leaderboard tutorial ahead of the competition in case any other LD15 participants who used Flash wanted to give it a go.

Once again Ludum Dare was an absolute blast!  There was record turn out like last time and 144 games were submitted in total!  You can view the current game list here.  My LD15 dev blog can be viewed here too.

I used the Flash CS4 IDE to develop this game in Actionscript 3.0. I also used SFXR to generate the sound effects and composed the menu and level music in Reason.  You can even view a timelapse of my games 36 hours of creation compressed into 3 minutes!  Congrats to all the participants of Ludum Dare 15!

Click here to give Angry Caverns a try in your browser!



  1. rosedragon says:

    I beat your score! Nice game! Just like all your games they are short entertainments yet so addicting to keep trying until getting the wanted high score 😀 !

  2. Dave "HybridMind" Evans says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed my latest game Rosedragon! I am also quite impressed you defeated my top score already!! 😉

  3. rosedragon says:

    It is quiet lucky that I met the bonus almost once every stage while there still much enemies left. Combo + bonus = raw 10.000 score 😛 . Maybe you need to tweak a bit the random bonus to be appear x times per five caves and in timing that not near 0 second 😉 .

  4. Dave "HybridMind" Evans says:

    Yeah, I think I have heard similar report backs from others with pretty highscores. I think I got my highscore because I got 2/5 perfect levels with all creatures cleared. This gives you 10,000 points too!

    I like your idea of making sure the bonus creature only appears when time is scarce near the end. I’ll have to ponder these things when I get back to working on this game. Right now I am trying to finish up a word game for that contest from MochiAds.

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