Contentric – New Flash Game Released

I participated in the March 2010 Experimental Gameplay Project’s theme of You Only Have 10 Seconds and Contentric was the result:


The main concept is that the player’s actions effect the movement of the blocks to be avoided. This in essence makes the player their own worst enemy. I was experimenting around with nested spring feedback systems and this concept of player as AI when I stumbled upon a fun and playable prototype that went on to become this game.

I spent about 7 days developing the version I submitted to the Experimental Gameplay Project website and then I worked for a bit longer polishing it up to get it ready to seek sponsorship.  I’m happy to report that Armor Games picked up the primary sponsorship on it and Contentric officially launched yesterday!

It was great to work with Dan from Armor Games and I definitely recommend them to any other flash developers out there who are looking for a good sponsor.

I’m really quite happy with how this game came together.  I was able to get a ton of playtesting feedback early on which really helped me perfect the gameplay to where I wanted it.  I also got to write the music for the game which people seem to be enjoying as well so that is always a treat.

Here is a gameplay trailer I put together with some rough edits that show me getting a little over 13,000 points.

As usual I welcome any feedback positive or negative and would love to hear from you.



  1. This is only an arcade game but it’s really interesting arcade game. I wish I could think of a better word (because it deserves a better word) but let’s just call it “cool” idea with 4+ black dots constantly being in my way of achieving my goal. I’m really surprised game hasn’t got a sponsor yet (did you try FlashGameLicense?), it not only shows potential, it is definitely very playable and — for some — I expect to be addictive. Nice music, choice of colours and, generally, atmosphere make the game even better.

  2. Dave "HybridMind" Evans says:

    Glad you enjoyed my game! The game did get sponsored by Dan from Armor Games and was released in May of 2010. I’m pleased to hear all the aspects you liked including the music which I composed specifically for this game. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment! (EDIT: Oh I see you just noticed the Armor Games logo, no worries. And yes I do use Flash Game License and that is where I found the sponsorship for this game in fact.)

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