Games In The Pipeline

A mosaic of screenshots from unreleased games I'm working on

Just wanted to post a fun image I assembled from seven different games I’m working on releasing still. The top of the image which contains the aliens in the mushroom landscape is from For The Twin–a game that I’ve finished for the “A Game By It’s Cover” Competition over at TIGSource and which will be released in September or sooner now that it has found a primary sponsorship from Spil Games.

The rest of the images are from unreleased games that I’m still working on. They are roughly listed in the order I expect to complete them though that could change a little bit of course.

They are all between 50-80% finished though and I am not going to work on any new game projects until I clear out my backlog!  This of course doesn’t mean I won’t be participating in August’s Ludum Dare 48 hour game competition–I wouldn’t miss that for anything especially since I couldn’t attend the one in April.

I also will continue to complete my contract game projects like the one I recently finished up for Kongregate and Cheetos called Mouth Full of Happy.

A big reason for wanting to knock these game projects out is that this year I’ve only officially released two games so far compared to the six I released in 2009.  It’s not that I haven’t been working on as many games it is just that I have not finished as many. I believe in the importance of finishing your games and I fully intend to.

I also believe in the gameplay and the sponsorship potential of all the games above so I need to finish them off and get them over to Flash Game License for bidding before the year ends. That is the plan anyway–wish me luck!

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  1. Maxim says:

    Good to hear that you’re still going to work on Bomb Diver, I’m sure it’ll turn into an awesome game! (the others too of course ^^).

    Good luck!

  2. Dave "HybridMind" Evans says:

    Hey Maxim! Yeah I have actually put a good bit of work into completing Bomb Diver since you last played. It got a bit delayed because I moved during development on it but taking a few months off from it gave me some good perspective to really cut in and figure out it’s final direction. I remember you giving me some great feedback on it so I’ll definitely let you know when a new build is up!

    Thanks for the luck! 😀

  3. Doches says:

    I’m betting you do make time for the August LD, especially since three (possibly four?) of your games-in-the-pipeline are LD derivatives…

  4. Dave "HybridMind" Evans says:

    @Doches: I definitely intend to make time for the August LD! You are also correct in the fact that three of the games in the pipeline are from LD events!

    I’ve used that competition to really vette the soundness of many of my game ideas. Angry Caverns and Fleedom both finished really well in prior LD voting so that gives me extra confidence in how finishing them up would be time well spent.

    You gonna be participating in this next LD?

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