Turd de France – New Flash Game Released

Play le Turd de France

Game Description:

Angry birds? Try angry pigeon! You play a French pigeon that has had it with all the crowds and traffic generated by le Tour de France. You set out to disrupt the last two minutes of the bicycle race the only way you know how–by pooping all over the place! Cause massive pileups with the power of pigeon poop!

Play le Turd de France!

Additional Screenshots:

Mega Poop powerup acquired!

Here you have just acquired the Mega Poop powerup!

Mega Poop unleashed!

Unleashing the fury of the Mega Poop!

Scoring triple direct hits!

Scoring a sweet triple direct hit! Direct hits increase your multiplier and let you score big.

le Turd de France race is ending!

The race is wrapping up! I’m pretty sure you made your point with the bicyclists…

Game over screen with many race stats

The race has finished! Here you can review all those critical race stats.


This game was a very silly collaboration I did together with fellow game designer Joshua A.C. Newman of the glyphpress. It was inspired by his friend Judith Shaw who got pooped on by a pigeon while riding her bicycle. Joshua is an avid bicyclist and he contacted me to see if I wanted to help bring that incident to life as a video game.

We thought basing it around le Tour de France would be a funny way to provide a setting with plenty of opportunity for humor.

Of technical interest would be the fact that the peloton of bicycle racers is controlled by a heavily customized version of Boid’s flocking algorithm. Each biker dodges the poop splats on the ground as well as the road edges and the other bikers–all the while trying to reach a target point toward the right of the screen. I also added a 5-state internal bicyclist model that controls their stamina and energy and allows them to try to reach the front of the peleton before tiring out and drifting to the back of the pack.  It took a few days of heavy playtesting to tune the flock algorithm just right to make it fun but it is so great to watch that the intense effort was well worth it!

Give it a play over at AddictingGames!



  1. Porter says:

    Glad to see that you’re still churning out games. I’ve got one in the works myself, but it seems to be dragging. Time to put my foot down and finish it up, and get to another.

    I checked out the game, good stuff. I only got 4.5 million, so apparently my pooping skills aren’t on par with yours. Perhaps next year at FGS you can show me how to do it properly 😉

  2. Dave "HybridMind" Evans says:

    Put that foot down! Thanks for giving this a play. Yeah it seems your pooping skills leave much to be desired…

  3. Danik says:

    I got 21,600,500 on my best run. Fun game, the multiplier and powerups makes it addictive. Have you thought about making online highscores?

  4. Dave "HybridMind" Evans says:

    Thanks for playing Danik! Yeah there is supposed to be some highscore / score sharing but we ran into some technical glitches on Addicting Games’ side. We’re sorting it out! 21 million is very good. I think my best is around 25 million so far.

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