TurnStyle – Two months in the wild – data update

After sharing my numbers and experiences here on my blog from releasing my first Flash game TurnStyle I’ve had numerous requests to do a followup post.  I’ve wanted to wait for there to be enough data though to make it worthwhile for my time and yours.

It has been almost 60 days since I released TurnStyle and as I’m gearing up again to do another big round of game development in the next few weeks I think this time is as good as any to get this off my plate.

I will share my MochiAd developer screenshots below:  I have created 3 reports all of which show the entire history of the game in the wild.  I will report my numbers on Traffic, Hosts, and Countries along with some of my own thoughts and markings on the screenshots:

(All images can be clicked on to view larger)

TurnStyle Traffic Data


The purple area on the image above represents the typical viral spike present in most games that are released on the internet.  I have looked at a ton of these graphs of released flash games and their signature is almost identical.  Yes there are bumps and spikes along the way depending on various sites or occurrences that may happen to your game but the underlying spike and then long tail down is the same.  The main difference between games is that the higher your spike is in the beginning then the higher the hits per day will run you during the long tail down.  TurnStyle has tapered off to generating around 100-200 plays a day now.  The highest spike I had was around 8500 or so and earned my around $3 in a single day. Woot! 😉

The green area on the image above represents when I got approved for the excellent service called Flash Game Distribution by the same guys who run the Flash Game License site.  I was allowed access into the beta version of the service, submitted my game and enabled my options and got a nice spike in my traffic.  I can’t recommend them enough for how easy they make it to get a decent boost.  I imagine it paying off quite well on a more successful game.  In less than 15 minutes of your time you can have your game emailed to over 451 publishers, enabled for portals who subscribe to their game feed API, and use their manual submit accelerator to walk through 100s of the most popular portals which don’t have an auto-submit.  All your games data is featured on the left pane of a frame and you can paste it right into all the portals submit forms.  Cake!

TurnStyle Host Distribution Data


Here you see the hosts view from my MochiAds developer Stats page.  Once again I am viewing all date data for TurnStyle.  Early on my game got picked up by arcade.fi and got a ton of plays.  This was great for the players in Finland but not so great for my revenue.  You get paid various amounts depending on where you game is being played.  Every country and domain have different eCPMs that they pay.  This is due to all the various ad inventories or deals that have been struck between Mochi and the ad buyers.  If your game is played in certain countries you won’t get any revenue at all sometimes since there are no ad campaigns running there.

You can also see here that bored.com really gave me some great revenue as a single site.  As I mention in my image above, the MochiAds domain is listed as the top one because this is an artifact of the Mochi Distribution system.  Most publishers subscribing to their feed are going to be using the Mochi embed to save on hosting fees.

TurnStyle Country Distribution Data


Just for fun I thought I’d also include the country data for TurnStyle.  You can see the top 2 countries which aren’t that surprisingly are United States and United Kingdom but then something funny is that Finland is the 3rd highest.  Well I have no idea but they really enjoyed my game.  I was even using the Google translation tool to read the comments users were leaving in Finish and that was quite fun.

It has been a great learning experience self-publishing TurnStyle.  I couldn’t be happier for what knowledge I’ve gained about the Flash business space.  It has also shown me why working out better deals and new models with publishers will be crucial to running a successful Flash game studio.  I’m coming to see what I had read others talking about that MochiAds (and other ad networks for that matter) should be considered more as secondary or tertiary income or even a viable tool for getting some leverage in your dealings with sponsors and licensees of your game.  You should be aware that if they are asking you to remove your ads you should consider this in the cost of your sponsorship/license deal.

I am trying out Flash Game License for my new game Orange You Glad and it is going great so far.  I’ve had sponsor interest and am receiving bids so I’m quite thrilled with my progress on my second Flash game.  I will be posting more on my experiences in that department down the road I am sure!



  1. Dave "HybridMind" Evans says:

    Yeah– a flash game clearly needs to get sponsor / license interest before being released as well as punch through a million plus plays at least to get any kind of significant near or long term ad revenue. Also, if you have a primary license and your game proves successful you have the opportunity to sell further non-exclusive site-locked licenses which is where a lot of developers make good incremental money long after a game of their has been released. I believe there is still hope! 🙂

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