Worderfall – New Flash Game Released

Worderfall Main Menu

I have just completed a new Flash game called Worderfall this month with my good friend and fellow game designer Jeremy P. Bushnell.  This time around it is a word game that utilizes an extremely large database of valid English words.

The concept is a fairly simple one.  You have three minutes to create as many high scoring words as you can.  The game increases pace with each minute that passes.  There are a ton of game statistics that are tracked as well for those who would like to improve their scores or at least measure their progress.

Here is a game play video which explains how to play:

Here is a game play screenshot:

Worderfall Game Play

I welcome your feedback and thoughts positive or negative.  Thanks for giving it a try!



  1. Almost says:

    Pretty cool.

    Biggest complaint of mine is the lack of a back-to-menu button. The first time I played I was a little fuzzy on how to do stuff (move up/down, use multiple whales, etc), and after realizing more of what I was doing I wanted to restart (I knew I wasn’t going to score well, since I had more or less shot myself in the foot the first half by doing brutally, waiting for the second have to finish is annoying.

  2. Dave "HybridMind" Evans says:

    Thanks for the feedback! Yes I’ve received a few other complaints as well about lack of pause and return to menu. Those honestly just got lost in the shuffle and are a really good point. You can hit ‘R’ to restart and return to main menu if that helps in the meantime. I’ll add this as a patch todo for next week when I resume work on some follow up tweaks. Thanks again for trying it out!

  3. Porter says:

    I like it, the four rows drives my brain insane, but it’s awesome. I would love to see someone insanely good at this play, I’m willing to bet it would be a very impressive sight. I definitely like the art style, simple, it all blends together very well. Good job overall, a few minor issues like listed above, but all around an excellent word game.

  4. Dave "HybridMind" Evans says:

    Thanks for trying out the game and leaving feedback Porter I appreciate it! As you know from being a developer we definitely get to become domain experts at our games. I played this game 100s of times at least and I can say for a fact that if played a lot you can definitely train your brain into being able to handle a lot of simultaneous words in the whales and scanning for multiple needs letters from the stream. It tickles the brain in a good way for people who are into that kind of thing.

    Of course after releasing this game I’ve thought of another mode that I felt might have made it a lot less difficult for initial players (always something I struggle with learning still on these games is you lose all perspective on difficulty curve.) I didn’t have a chance to run this game past more than maybe 5 or more people where normally I try to get 20-30 players to try to test the difficulty curve ahead of time. Because of the contest deadline I didn’t have a chance to really get as much feedback and FGL first impressions as I normally prefer.

    I thank you again for your positive words about the game and thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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