YoTowlr – My first Towlr game


You can play YoTowlr here in your browser

In the two hours leading up to the beginning of Ludum Dare 14 I decided to do a towlr compo warm-up to get the coding juices flowing ahead of the big theme announcement.  I posted my intention in the LD IRC channel and a few other developers signed on as well for the friendly towlr warm-up.

One of the themes on the list for voting for LD14 was Recursion (specifically, Yo Dawg!) which by a weird glitch had actually made it into the 5th and final round of LD14 theme voting.  No one thought this theme would make it that far yet alone have a chance at winning.  It was with that in mind that I decided to do a towlr game on the recursive yo dawg meme which had been already making the rounds on the LD blog.

I had actually not encountered the yo dawg phenomenon yet by some miraculous aligning of the internet planets.  Members of the LD community were happy to fill me in through with some very informative links.

For those of you not familiar with what the heck a towlr is well that is hard to explain as well as they are better experienced.  It was something that came from a previous Ludum Dare entry by PoV and since has gotten legs of its own.  Here is a snippet from the Towlr Media Group’s website:

Towlr are puzzles. Contrary to conventional design wisdom, the towlr games come without instruction and without explanation. Your job is to discover their secret, and score deliciousness. Yes, every Towlr game can be completed.

Towlr are complete audio/visual experiences. They should be played with sound at a reasonable level, and computer monitors turned on.

Towlr may frustrate you. This is normal.

I instantly fell in love with the bizarre and frustrating experience that was towlr.  So, when looking for something to warm up on ahead of LD14 I felt it was only natural that I combine Yo Dawg with Towlr and thus YoTowlr was born!