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Just a little drawing I did tonight while I was taking a break from a game project I’m working on.

I’ve been drawing a lot of variant image styles and slice types to use with the new puzzle game I came up with last weekend during the mini LudumDare #7 friendly competition.  I’m trying to explore the potential space of the game mechanic I created since it seems fairly original so far from what I can tell. It was also pretty well received by most people who have played it so far.

As opposed to a lot of the other image puzzles out there this one seems more rare.  I have searched around and I have found jigsaw piece image puzzles, find the difference image puzzles, and spin the 3d object till it matches a silohette type puzzles.  I have not found any slice based image puzzles yet.  I would guess they are out there but who knows?  My searching has yielded nothing so far. Perhaps one reason they are not as popular are they take a lot of work.  For the current version of the puzzle I have to first draw an overall image in Photoshop.  Then I use four more layers to break that image down into different image slices that will eventually interlock to form the original image again.

I am currently exploring all the ways I can vary the styles of the art before moving onto more slices than four.  I have been listing possible image genres as well for helping to inspire various drawings.  So far I have listed things like food, animals, people, places, scenes, machines, and architecture. It is a lot of fun to create these sliced images and then see them come together as people play the puzzle.

The beginning

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Hey there!  Welcome to the beginning.  I’m not sure if I know you but I guess since this is the internet I should probably not assume anything.  My name is Dave and this is my website.  You may also know me as HybridMind if you are coming from the Ludum Dare, Gosu, or TIGSource communities.  My primary interests are creating games, art, and music.  I am also a big fan of creative living.  I will be writing and sharing works primarily about those topics here on this website.

In the eight years I have owned this domain I have done very little with it.  In fact, that is a complete understatement.  I think until this shiny new year of 2009 rolled around it largely sat with the phrase, “Surely you are mistaken:”  It has had that phrase since 2000 when I first registered this domain.  That was long ago.  It sat so long in fact that I completely forgot why I had written that in the first place.  Anyway, it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that I have finally decided to use this website to share my adventures, creations, and thoughts with the world at large.  I feel I am prepared to gaze into the abyss.  Will it also gaze into me? *dramatic pause*