This game will test both your reaction speed and your attention.

Slipstick is a very simple game I made over the course of about 8 hours near the end of August. It is but one test of some timing and attention mechanics I have been pondering. I have thought of a lot of potential variants of this game. I also think it would work far better on a touch device. I didn’t have a lot of time in August so this simple exploration will have to do for now.

The scoring mechanic is fairly simple. Each stick is worth a base 1000 points. The further the block falls down on the stick (the slower you are in stopping it) the fewer points you get. There are seven rounds that increase in difficulty so there is a round-based multiplier. So, on the 7th round, the base points of a stick are 7000 instead of 1000.

This game is my August 2014 entry for the One Game A Month project.