Robot Reaction – New Flash Game Released


Spent the past three days cooking up this fun little robot-themed chain reaction game.  I’ve wanted to do a chain reaction game for quite some time and I really wanted to do a side perspective version that explored some fun and quick game play mechanics.  I spent a week or two mulling ideas over in my head before beginning development.  I’m rather happy how this turned out all things considered.

Play it here.



  1. noonat says:

    Pretty sweet! I love the way the gibs fly off and cause more explosions. I have to say it does make it a bit more random than most of these games, though. It could help if there were some way to slow down time and affect which way they fly (maybe get once chance to blow gibs in a specific direction per round).

  2. Dave "HybridMind" Evans says:

    Hey noonat! Thanks for trying out the game. I’m glad you enjoyed ‘the gibs’. 🙂 Regarding random versus strategy I am trying to watch the feedback coming in because it was really tough to tune the params of the game where it wasn’t either too lucky or too static were not enough things exploded. I definitely have a bunch of ideas and am getting good feedback now that it is released that I’ll be able to apply towards a followup project. Your slow mo idea would definitely be fun! 😉

  3. joril6 says:

    Awesome game, with awesome graphs. It gives so much fun. Im waiting for more your games Mr. Evans!

  4. Dave "HybridMind" Evans says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words joril6. I always appreciate hearing from the people who play my games.

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