Korrode – New Game Preview

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A challenging level from Korrode

Korrode is a brand new game that I have just finished. You get to play the part of entropy as a racing rust spot zipping around corroding metal bolts. It’s a level based racer that combines aspects of puzzle and time trial agility games.

My initial seed of an idea for the game was about crossing a 2d Katamari Damacy with Flow. The game has also drawn heavy comparisons to the excellent game Osmos but I had never heard of that game before beta test players started pointing that out. I wanted to explore the fun level design that would occur in a game where the level topology is constantly changing based on your scale.

The game isn’t released yet but I created a video game trailer so players and potential sponsors could get a sneak peek at what it is all about. Sponsors with an account on Flash Game License can also play the game here to consider placing a bid on it.

I’ve worked on Korrode on and off since January of this year. It is the largest game in both scope and time commitment that I’ve developed yet. I was very inspired by some entropy-themed texture photos a good friend of mine (Jeremy P. Bushnell) took from his travels around Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York. He gave me permission to use these photos as the base for a lot of the photo manipulation work I did to create both the UI and the levels for the game.

Grease is the natural enemy of rust.

I also had the pleasure of recording the game’s soundtrack which was a refreshing break from coding. I was able to create 9 unique music loops using the sounds of factories, metal clanging, machines, and other industrial ephemera to build the rhythm tracks. I then composed some simple melodies to go over them. The trailer features a longer version of one of the songs from the game.

The game uses a pretty cool technology from the Playtomic analytic service I use that allows me to embed player replays in the actual highscore data for a level. This means that when a player finishes playing a level their new best time is automatically submitted to the global leaderboards for that level. Then when players view the leaderboards they can actually watch the replays from anyone’s run in the score charts. It’s a great way to encourage competition and allow the players to race each other’s replay “ghosts” after they finish watching the replays. It also provides a built in walk through of sorts if player’s are just curious how other people solved a level in the quickest time.

Watch out for the moving walls!

I’m pretty excited about this game and I really can’t wait to see the replays that top players will generate. I’ve already learned a bunch about the levels I designed by watching the beta testers solve them! The sponsorship process can take awhile though so I have to be patient. I’ve got plenty of other projects to keep me occupied anyway!



For The Twin – New Flash Game Released

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My latest game For The Twin has finally been released!

It features seven original chiptunes I composed for the game and countless animating backgrounds and alien creatures.

The basic gameplay is one of finding the identical twin to match the goal but it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Their are six different challenges with highscores and medals to win.

The alien twins dance to the music as you attempt to identify the correct match.

My goal was to make a game that would have appeal to more than just teenage boys–I wanted both women and children to enjoy the game as well–hoping that each would be able to take something different away from it. So far feedback from all demographics has been really good!

For The Twin was originally developed for the TIGSource “A Game By It’s Cover” competition. The artwork in the game was inspired by this fake Famicase game cover by artist Kayo Tamura.

I even kept a complete development diary for the game.

After the competition was finished I put my game up over at Flash Game License to find a primary sponsorship.

I was pleased to secure a nice sponsorship from Spil Games for their Family Portal Group. I handed a massive translation file over to them and they had my game localized into 13 different languages for distribution across their 50 or so arcade portals worldwide.  The exposure potential is huge to say the least.  The game has already received almost 200K views since it started being published by them yesterday.

I have also put the game up over at Newgrounds so feel free to stop by and rate and review it over there if you feel like helping out.

All told I’m quite pleased with the game.  I decided to take a genre I didn’t really like (find the match) and make a game that tried to explore it the best I could given the 1 month competition time limit.  I am also very thankful that I was then able to successfully monetize the game as well which is critical to my small game studio.  Besides the primary sponsorship I have already begun lining up secondary non-exclusive licenses which is quite exciting to see so much interest so soon.

Give For The Twin a play and I’d love to hear any feedback–thanks!