Have Banjo Will Travel

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I recently got my banjo repaired and have been playing it again.  I had taken a break of about 8 months from playing it though and it is interesting how much music has sort of queued up in me that is now trying to escape.  I’m back to playing with a bunch of regular folks around my area which has been fun as well as learning a whole bunch of new tunes. I play claw hammer style banjo primarily because I love the kinetic feel, control, and tempo you can achieve.

Continuing with my recent drawing streak I decided to pay tribute to my love of banjo by setting up a nice still life in my family room with my banjo and case.  I drew for two hours and captured a screenshot automatically every 5 seconds to create a time lapse video.  The music playing with the video is an old classic piece called Arkansas Traveler. Enjoy!

For The Twin – New Flash Game Released

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My latest game For The Twin has finally been released!

It features seven original chiptunes I composed for the game and countless animating backgrounds and alien creatures.

The basic gameplay is one of finding the identical twin to match the goal but it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Their are six different challenges with highscores and medals to win.

The alien twins dance to the music as you attempt to identify the correct match.

My goal was to make a game that would have appeal to more than just teenage boys–I wanted both women and children to enjoy the game as well–hoping that each would be able to take something different away from it. So far feedback from all demographics has been really good!

For The Twin was originally developed for the TIGSource “A Game By It’s Cover” competition. The artwork in the game was inspired by this fake Famicase game cover by artist Kayo Tamura.

I even kept a complete development diary for the game.

After the competition was finished I put my game up over at Flash Game License to find a primary sponsorship.

I was pleased to secure a nice sponsorship from Spil Games for their Family Portal Group. I handed a massive translation file over to them and they had my game localized into 13 different languages for distribution across their 50 or so arcade portals worldwide.  The exposure potential is huge to say the least.  The game has already received almost 200K views since it started being published by them yesterday.

I have also put the game up over at Newgrounds so feel free to stop by and rate and review it over there if you feel like helping out.

All told I’m quite pleased with the game.  I decided to take a genre I didn’t really like (find the match) and make a game that tried to explore it the best I could given the 1 month competition time limit.  I am also very thankful that I was then able to successfully monetize the game as well which is critical to my small game studio.  Besides the primary sponsorship I have already begun lining up secondary non-exclusive licenses which is quite exciting to see so much interest so soon.

Give For The Twin a play and I’d love to hear any feedback–thanks!

The beginning

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Hey there!  Welcome to the beginning.  I’m not sure if I know you but I guess since this is the internet I should probably not assume anything.  My name is Dave and this is my website.  You may also know me as HybridMind if you are coming from the Ludum Dare, Gosu, or TIGSource communities.  My primary interests are creating games, art, and music.  I am also a big fan of creative living.  I will be writing and sharing works primarily about those topics here on this website.

In the eight years I have owned this domain I have done very little with it.  In fact, that is a complete understatement.  I think until this shiny new year of 2009 rolled around it largely sat with the phrase, “Surely you are mistaken:”  It has had that phrase since 2000 when I first registered this domain.  That was long ago.  It sat so long in fact that I completely forgot why I had written that in the first place.  Anyway, it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that I have finally decided to use this website to share my adventures, creations, and thoughts with the world at large.  I feel I am prepared to gaze into the abyss.  Will it also gaze into me? *dramatic pause*