YoTowlr - Created as a 3hr code warmup ahead of Ludum Dare 14

This is a Yo Dawg and Towlr tribute joke. If you want to know more about Towlr games and play the original you can go here.

Playing the original Towlr first will likely help you understand how to beat this one.

Wondering why the heck I combined them both Yo Dawg and Towlr?

Well, you likely had to be there and by there I mean Ludum Dare's fine IRC channel (#ludumdare on as well as being aware of the potential themes for Ludum Dare 14. One potentially joke theme that actually made it fairly far in the theme voting by error/accident was Recursion, specifically Yo Dawg. There was some panic for a bit right before theme announcement that perhaps it had won and would be the theme for LD14. Thankfully it didn't win but because of that I was inspired to make a joke entry just in case it did win and also to get my dev chops warmed up a few hours before the competition began.

Want to know more or leave a comment? Feel free to email me at dave [at] or visit my blog post about this game and leave a comment. Thanks for playing!